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Poulter lifts lid on Ryder Cup face-off

Ian Poulter's autobiography has already led to the downfall of former PGA of America president Ted Bishop, who was sacked for "insensitive gender-based statements" in response to Poulter's criticism of former Ryder Cup captain Nick Faldo.

And Poulter has also revealed how members of the 2008 teams almost came to blows in the wake of Europe's only defeat this century at Valhalla.

Writing about the aftermath of the five-point loss in Kentucky in his book 'No Limits,' Poulter details what happened when European players visited the US team room after the contest.

"We go up to the US team room and things get a little bit out of hand," Poulter writes. "Everyone has had quite a lot to drink and Lee Westwood and I start messing around with some of the pictures the US boys have pinned up on the walls.

"They are motivational photographs of the players in the US team and Lee and I draw a few things on them.

"There is a picture of Boo Weekley pinned up on the wall and I write 'Who ate all the pies?' on it. Westwood writes something similarly frivolous on a picture of (Steve) Stricker. We are just having a bit of a laugh. But the American boys don't like it. They don't like it at all.

"There is no malice involved, but they think it is disrespectful. A couple of the American players get upset and Boo gets annoyed. They are a bit p***** off and, when you sit back and think about it, probably rightly so. We shouldn't be drawing on their pictures.

"Some of their players start shouting 'You can't do this'. There is a melee. It starts to look a bit dicey. There is a lot of finger pointing and a bit of barging. People are being held back. Some people are trying to calm the situation. Others have lost it.

"Look, if you get 24 emotional lads in a room together at 2am after a really intense, high-pressure week when they've been in each other's faces and desperately trying to win, there's always going to be something going on.

"I don't want to be on the wrong end of it if Boo launches one. He can handle himself I reckon."