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Would Blatter really consider a U-turn on his resignation?

Former FIFA executive Chuck Blazer (pictured), who is co-operating with the authorities, pleaded guilty to charges of racketeering, money laundering and tax evasion on schemes that involved the sale of World Cup tickets and media and marketing rights for several international tournaments.

Lucrative media, marketing and commercial license agreements remain high on the agenda of both Swiss and American fraud investigators.

That FIFA supremo Sepp Blatter, who, according to reports, may yet try to reverse his resignation, was a director for seven years of a company called FIFA Ireland has aroused interest. As reported exclusively in the Herald, the company, which dealt with various World Cup 2002 licensing rights, had revenues of €113m prior to dissolution in 2009.

While FAI officials also acted as directors of the company, the FAI states, "FIFA Ireland was wholly owned by FIFA."

FIFA insist the company was "in full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations."