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Tuohy fears International Rules Series has lost lure

CARLTON star Zach Tuohy fears for the future of the International Rules Series with Australian fixtures meaning AFL players won't have the "lure" of a holiday to encourage participation in 2014.

The Laois man also admitted some of his team-mates love the idea of the series, but others aren't interested.

"A lot of them do want to play. A few years ago we had Kade Simpson, Bryce Gibbs and Eddie Betts, who would be our best player, when it was over there," Tuohy said.

"They loved it and said they'd love to play again. But then there are a lot of them that simply aren't interested.

"A lot of players like the idea of getting a trip to Ireland just like players at home like getting a trip here. But I think unfortunately the biggest lure to play the game is getting a holiday."

Much to his disappointment, Tuohy concedes that just as the GAA President-elect Aogán Ó Fearghail has said, the series could have run its course.

Last year, Ireland hammered an all Indigenous Australia side by 101 points over two Tests – the biggest defeat in the history of the series.

"I want it to keep going I really do but unless both countries are going to put good teams out, it just makes a mockery of it.

"It was one of the best experiences of my life playing in it but I don't really want to play if we're going to win by 200 points. Unless both teams take it seriously it's hard to justify it.

"I think Ireland generally always put a strong team out but it needs to go both ways."