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Tobin beats brave Owens in a thriller

A thrilling hot-shot won by Sean Tobin of St Brendan's provided a fitting finale to the second Leinster Schools Shoot hosted by St Columba's College on Sunday.

As other competitors dropped out, just Tobin and Thomas Owens of St Michael's were left standing in the senior class. Both successfully shot into the yellow at the centre of the target for a score of "better than 9", and so then had to shoot as close to the centre of the yellow as possible.

Owens aimed carefully but his arrow went into the red band outside the circle. Tobin took longer to aim and it paid off with an almost perfect 10.

On a good day for the young archer, Tobin came just seven points shy of the score he needed for promotion to the elite class.


As it was, his total of 524 points was enough for victory in Class A, ahead of Oisin Cleary from St Michael's on 471.

Owens won Class B with a score of 455, ahead of Ross Murphy from Oatlands on 409.

Austin Sheedy from St Michael's won a competitive Class C from Archie Emin of Oatlands. Ryan Smith from St Brendan's won Class D, with Ross Mitchell, also from St Brendan's, best of the Beginners.

St Brendan's took the team medals while Devon Grenier of Oatlands won the junior hot-shot competition.

p New schools are always welcome to compete in the Leinster League -- there's one more round before Christmas. For further information contact Pat McLoughlin on 086-1029315.


St Columba's Schools Shoot (Whitechurch, Dublin)

A: Sean Tobin (St Brendan's) 524; 2 Oisin Cleary (St Michael's) 471.

B: Thomas Owens (St Michael's) 455; 2 Ross Murphy (Oatlands) 409; 3 Jonathan Shiel (St Columba's) 391.

C: 1 Austin Sheedy (St Michael's) 354; 2 Archie Emin (Oatland) 349; 3 Davie McKenna (St Michael's) 338.

D: 1 Ryan Smith (St Brendan's) 349; 2 Megan Bryer (GS na híde) 349; 3 Aaron Costello (St Brendan's) 343.

Beginners: 1 Ross Mitchell (St Brendan's) 481; 2 Devon Grenier (Oatlands) 384; 3 Jason O'Rourke (Oatlands) 337.

Hot-shot: Senior -- Sean Tobin (St Brendan's). Junior -- Devon Grenier (Oatlands).

Team: St Brendan's.