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Tiger takes exception to Navy Seals book

TIGER Woods responded witheringly when pressed on claims by Hank Haney, his former coach, that he had considered giving up golf to become a Navy Seal.

When asked about the claims in Haney's book, Woods said: "It's still the same. Nothing has changed in that regard at all."

When a follow-up question was asked he tersely replied: "I've commented on everything. You're a beauty, you know that? Have a good day."

Haney's revelations have created anger and a deep sense of betrayal in the Woods camp.

Mark Steinberg, the former world No 1's agent, lambasted the book as "ridiculous" and "armchair psychology", while claiming that Haney was only interested in self-promotion.

Woods's father, Earl, had served in the US Army, completing two tours during the Vietnam War.

Steinberg dismissed the account as "clearly false".

"His armchair psychology about Tiger, on matters he admits they didn't even discuss, is ridiculous. Because of his father, it's no secret that Tiger has always had high respect for the military, so for Haney to twist that admiration into something negative is disrespectful," Steinberg said.

A spokesman for the Seals denied that Woods had ever trained with them, but confirmed Woods visited the Naval Special Warfare Centre off the coast of San Diego, on "a couple of occasions".