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The RFU's chosen few have little on Fabio's finest...

Leaked copies of secret reports into England's 2010 World Cup debacle criticised Fabio Capello's players for not going out drinking, agreeing financial terms months in advance and knowing exactly how the team would play in matches.

Capello's men spoke on condition of anonymity. One said: "With no pre-tournament dinner to boycott, and money not an issue, there was a lack of greed in the squad that gave us nothing to be resentful about."

Another lambasted Capello for not confusing the players with complex tactical drills.

"We all knew we would play an archaic 4-4-2, in rigid lines," he wrote.

The infamous township trip in which an England player was seen to eat a Snickers in contravention of Capello's strict dietary rules is also scrutinised.

"MI5 were nowhere to be seen on that visit," one player testified. "When the locals started their welcome dance, we should have been swept into minibuses in case we spoke to anyone."

After the defeat by Germany in Bloemfontein, one senior England player was heard to say in the changing room: "I've just dropped £35,000 down the toilet. It fell out of my wallet."

England's base, in a remote compound near Sun City, was criticised for being "way too close to the World Cup".

The English Football Association has called in Interpol to track down the source of the leaks.