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Strokeplay queens will need their quality for Leinsters at Kingswood

LEINSTER'S leading ladies will be teeing off at RGSC tomorrow.

It's the Leinster Ladies Strokeplay Championship.

It couldn't have found a better home.

The Kingswood, Clondalkin course has played host to the Kings and Queens of the sport.

It's one of the best venues in Ireland, and the diligent ground-staff are rightly celebrated.

There's a decorative flower-bed there. It's done out in the letters of the club -- just like Augusta.

It will be a big test for the players. The Dublin and Kildare contingent are sure to feature on the leaderboard.

The two counties have dominated the ladies game now for several years.

Remarkably, 1996 is the last time that Kildare or Dublin didn't win the National Strokeplay crown.

The great Kevin Blackburn will be observing all at the RGSC.

There's a monument there in his memory.

Nobody deserved such an accolade more.

He gave so much to the club and indeed to the sport itself.