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State-of-the-art treatement boots Becks' sex life to touch

DAVID and Victoria Beckham have been banned from having sex for three months following the operation on his Achilles' tendon.

Becks, 34, has been told he must wear a special state-of-the-art Aircast boot at all times -- even when in bed with his skinny wife.

A source close to the footballer (they must be very close) said: "The boot means David can actually walk without risking a re-rupture once his plaster has been removed. But there are major disadvantages, including having to wear it in bed.

"As a result he has to lie flat on his back in bed and not move, otherwise he could cause further damage.

"So there'll certainly be no action between the sheets with Victoria until it comes off."

It hard to see how lying down can prevent one from engaging in sexual activities, maybe it's just an excuse on Becks' part. Not a very good one, mind.

And the doctors have warned him not to get the boot wet, so baths and showers are a no-no. The source added: "He's also been told that it's strip washes all the way for the next three months, depending on how well the injury repairs."