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Standard is set for timing chip qualification Groups urged to submit their entries now

All participants who enter as a runner or fast joggers must wear a timing chip -- and the good news is that this year's fee with the timing chip has dropped in price by €2 to €20.

To qualify for an elite number, you must prove that your are capable of breaking 45 minutes for the 10k distance by producing official results from other races in the past two years.

To qualify for a runner's number, you must prove that you have run under 60 minutes for 10k or an equivalent time in the past two years.

Fast joggers must have achieved a chipped time of under 95 minutes.

Other joggers and walkers have the option of purchasing a timing chip if they wish but will still remain in the jogging and walking sections at the race start.

A standard entry for the race is €15 (without timing chip).

Groups urged to submit their entries now

Gyms, Meet and Train groups and charities -- if you are waiting to send in a number of entries together, don't forget that the closing date for the Flora Women's Mini Marathon is Tuesday April 27 -- just under five weeks away.

"Please don't hold on to entries -- get them to us now," warns Jackie Wright of the mini marathon office.

"That way, your members will be certain of getting their entry accepted before the maximum number is reached.

"Every year, hundreds of women are disappointed when their entries have to be returned."