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St Anne's all set for Nationals after delay

The postponed National Cyclo-Cross Championships finally takes place tomorrow in St Anne's Park, Raheny. The event was originally scheduled for January 10, but Mother Nature intervened with snow and ice.

They may be new to organising a big event, but this has not caused sleepless nights to organiser Greg May of DCU.

"Sure it is a big undertaking to run a national championship and one that starts off the decade. The course is 3km in distance and, while it may be a real technical course, it will afford the competitors ample room to manoeuvre and show their skills," said May.

Racing gets under way at midday with the underagers coming out of the blocks and then the seniors go for it at 1pm.

Of course, the big news from a participant viewpoint is that holder Robin Seymour of WORC will not be there, the best at the discipline for the last 18 years, with 15 Irish cyclo-cross titles to his name. He probably has gas in the tank, maybe to make it 20 before he finally hangs up the wheels.


There have been many pretenders to the crown, but only Roger Aiken found a chink in his armoury in the past number of years.

There's a touch of the Lance Armstrong about him and that comes with success.

Thankfully, Robin is fit and well, but he is citing personal reasons for his non-participation.

Also, his good friend and fellow competitor Greg May is the man with the baton in his hand on Sunday.

The mantle of favourite now rests on the shoulders of Roger Aiken. Like Robin, Roger is a master tactician when it comes to this discipline but, equally, he is at home on the road.