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Sky's limit for Lavery after Belgian move

Philip Lavery may not be a household name, but expect to hear more of this 20-year-old this season as he is moving to Belgium in an attempt to become a professional rider.

He is lucky to have the full backing of a supportive family. "My parents are really supportive financially and mentally, and they believe that I can succeed," he said. "My ambition is to be a professional bike rider, and I'm prepared to do it in the hotbed of cycling. It will be hard, but if things go pear shaped, at least I did it my way."

He is going to base himself in Belgium with the Look Academy team. Unfortunately, Philip is not supported by the Irish Sports Council and Cycling Ireland -- he'll have to do it courtesy of his parents and admirers who feel that he has the tenacity to make it.

He spent the best part of last month in a training camp in Portugal and last Sunday won the Paddy Neary Trophy in Dundalk. Tomorrow he'll compete in the Cycleways Cup, and another win would set him up nicely for the coming season.