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Sky the limit for 'wheeler' Harry

Harry Redknapp, one of the most media-friendly managers in the Premier League, might not be so readily available to Sky Sports in future following a four-letter altercation with reporter Rob Palmer following Tottenham's 1-0 home defeat by Wigan Athletic on Saturday.

Redknapp took great exception to Palmer saying at the start of his post-match interview that the Spurs boss had made his name as a 'wheeler and dealer.'

A furious Redknapp told Palmer in front of the Sky cameras to "f*** off" and waved a dismissive hand as he walked away, adding: "No, I'm not a wheeler and dealer. F*** off. I didn't make my name as a wheeler and f***ing dealer. Don't say that -- I'm a f***ing football manager."

Palmer, who laughed as he asked the question, quickly tried to backtrack, saying: "Oh no, Harry, I didn't mean it like that."

The obscene material meant Sky have not broadcast the incident but it was yesterday posted on YouTube.

Sky, who would have been banking on Harry contributing to their transfer deadline coverage today, can't do anything about the clip appearing online as the feed could have been picked up by any of the many media outlets sharing the busy TV interview area at Spurs' White Hart Lane ground.

A Spurs spokesperson said: "The reporter apologised for his phrasing of the question and the matter is closed."