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Skier's pants storm

Norwegian super-G gold medallist Aksel Lund Svindal says his country's colourful curlers are also-rans when it comes to fancy pants.

With a mixture of pride and disdain, the tall Alpine skier suggested that he was in another sartorial league altogether.

"The curlers' pants? Have you seen my pants?," he told reporters when asked after winning his race what he thought of the curlers' dashing red, white and blue harlequin-patterned trousers.

"Not the ones that I am wearing now but the ones that I wear on the (piste) inspections and stuff. The curling pants are nothing compared to my pants.

"They (Svindal's) are tie-dyed pants. You've got to check that out," he added.

"And I actually have a vest to go with it too, so check out the photos from the inspection."