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Selby targets more glory after Masters win

Masters champion Mark Selby wants to take momentum from his stunning comeback against Ronnie O'Sullivan into the rest of the season and the World Championships in April.

Selby fought back from 9-6 down at Wembley Arena to defeat the world number one -- the seventh time in the event he has won a match in the last frame.

"I got off to a bad start to the season but this should give me the confidence to kick-start from now on," he said.

Selby has only lost once at the Masters and that was to O'Sullivan in last year's final. This time around they served up a classic, with Selby taking the first frame but then never edging ahead again until he clinched the title.

"I went into the final frame probably more confident than Ronnie was because of the deciding frames I've won here," he said. "You are looking for one chance, then if you don't win it you can't moan. I'd rather it not go to the final frame but who cares?

"It was the best match I've been involved in. Ronnie sets the standard. The standard of the match was good in parts and the atmosphere was great, against Ronnie in London was a dream come true.

"I was just thinking 'dig in and take one frame at a time'. In this game a run of the ball here and there can change the match. I thought if I have to scrap it out, I have to scrap it out.

"I don't know what it is. With the one-table situation, every time you come out here it is like a final. I love the atmosphere and seem to thrive on it."

O'Sullivan took on a tricky green when he was 9-7 up but had no regrets.

He said: "You have to take your chances when you get them. Sometimes they go in sometimes they don't."

The Rocket, who admitted he was lucky to reach the final, added: "I surprised myself by getting to the final, so I'm not too disappointed."