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Season changer move by Torro

Torro United have put forward the following proposal to be considered at the AGM on 28 May:

"That we change the structure of our season, replacing November, December, January and February with May, June, July and August thus playing a complete season in one calendar year.

Season to start early March and finish end of October. Change to stay in effect for three full seasons at which point a review would take place.

Transition season would consist of one round of games (with no relegation or promotion) to be run between August and December."

Following the raising of the matter at a club meeting in February, the MDL gave a commitment to facilitate the staging of a pre-AGM meeting to discuss the proposal in more detail.

The meeting was held last Tuesday in which 27 of the 56 clubs currently affiliated were in attendance.

As before in 2007, the main driving force in campaigning for change is Joe Price, current first team manager with Torro United.

Those in attendance that were in favour of change would have got some positive vibes that this time around there might be enough clubs to carry it through, but the likelihood being the majority of the absent clubs will not be in favour.

Should all 56 clubs be represented at the AGM, and exercise their right to vote, it will take a total of 38 in favour to carry the motion.

While the support is very much evident for the motion it is unlikely it will be enough to bring about change.

The same motion was put forward to previous annual meetings in 1995, 1998, 2006, 2007, and 2010.

Extensive lobbying campaigns in 1998 and 2007 managed to achieve a majority vote in favour, but on both occasions fell short of the required two thirds for such a radical change.

In 2007 it was a very close call with 38 clubs in favour against 21 clubs not in favour, representing a shortfall of just two votes.

gerry gorman