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'Rock' tipped to beat Mathews

Paschal Collins' Celtic Warrior Gym is home to WBO European lightweight champion Stephen Ormond (15-1, 7 KOs), who'll defend his title in Liverpool next month.

Ormond, The Rock, travels to the Echo Arena to fight experienced local star Derry Mathews (34-8-2, 19 KOs). The Dubliner won the title in September with a first round stoppage in London.

"Stephen is just one big fight away from being at world level," says Collins.

"I'm convinced he'll be headlining in Dublin early in the new year."

Running the rule over Ormond's progress, Collins says: "He's improved with every fight.

"Every bout has asked questions that he's answered convincingly. He's on the way up.

"I'm totally confident Stephen will beat Mathews," he declares.


Dublin middleweight Luke Keeler put his Hungarian opponent down three times before the ref stepped in last week.

Paschal Collins predicts Keeler will "go a long way in the professional game".

Collins said: "I told him not to toy with (Janos) Lakatos, to get him out of there early. He did. He was hurting him when he hit him.

"Luke's very good. His biggest asset is that he's bright. An intelligent boxer is easy to teach. We're not rushing him. He's learning. It'll take two or three years to have him in contention for a European title but it's exciting preparing him to become a world-class contender."