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Rivals wary of real deal Perez

Four years ago, I joined Brian Peters, Jim Rock, Gary Hyde, Nicholas Cruz and a few others for a dinner to toast the future of recent Cuban arrival Mike Perez.

The young heavyweight came with a growing reputation which he's since embellished by knocking out 12 of the 18 fighters who've faced him. Two years ago, in Limerick, the heavyweight they dubbed 'The Rebel', as he was based in Cork, made short work of opponents in two bouts on the same bill. Last year, he won Prizefighter and two more fights.

Since then he hasn't had a bout. Although Mike hasn't renewed his boxing licence, he's scheduled to meet Rusian Chagaev (The White Tyson) in Germany on December 1. It'll be The Rebel's toughest test to date.

But Perez is the real deal, so let's hope his career gets the fights he deserves. But perhaps meaningful contestants are afraid to face him.