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Race ace Ria is young at heart

Ria Stewart from Glenasmole, Bohernabreena, Co Dublin is one of the inspirational women to have completed all 27 Women's Mini Marathons since the event began in 1983.

She's already training for the 2010 event, sponsored by Flora, and looking forward to completing her 28th race on Monday June 7.

Ria's commitment to fitness over the years has certainly paid off.

Having completed the Flora Heart Age Tool at www.floraheartage.com, she was delighted to discover that she has a heart age of 42, although her age in years is 57.

In addition to exercising regularly, Ria also maintains a healthy diet, getting the recommended five portions of fruit and veg every day, eating lots of wholegrain and fish and keeping her saturated fat intake to a minimum.

"It was such a lovely surprise to hear that my heart age was 17 years younger than my actual age. I really enjoy exercising and of course taking part in the Flora Women's Mini Marathon, so my healthy heart age is an added bonus!" she says.

Flora Consultant Nutritionist, Dr Patricia Heavey commented: "Ria is doing all the right things in terms of diet and exercise which is reflected in her healthy heart age.

"She's an inspiration to us all."