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Protesters make a right ass of things in cricket fallout

Protesters in the Pakistan city of Lahore slapped donkeys with shoes and pelted them with rotten tomatoes this week to vent their anger at the latest Pakistani cricket fixing scandal.

Protesters led a procession of donkeys with the names of players accused of taking bribes to fix incidents during the fourth Test against England stuck to the foreheads of the animals.

"These players have let us and the country down. We are already facing so many problems because of the floods and terrorism, and they took away our one source of happiness," a protester screamed at a television channel's cameras.

Television pictures also showed Pakistanis pelting the team bus with rotten vegetables when it arrived at Lord's cricket ground in London on Sunday.

The Chairman of the National Assembly standing committee on sports, Iqbal Muhammad Ali, warned that the committee would resign if the government did not change the Pakistan Cricket Board management and recall the accused players.

"They have brought shame to the country and they deserve the worst. We immediately demand the sacking of this board -- and if this is not done we will resign in protest," Ali said.