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Perez urges Fury to make him an offer

Tyson Fury (16-0), who's been making steady progress through the heavyweight ranks, has his eyes fixed on the Klitschkos.

Anxious to get back in the ring in November, his agent is scouring the ranking tables for a viable opponent.

Alexander Dimitrenko (31-1-0), who defends his EBU European title against Michael Sprott (36-16-0) tomorrow night, is currently being touted.

But that could be wishful thinking or mere hype.

Fury's November outing will be in Belfast and part of his deal with Channel Five.

One man who is unlikely to get an offer of meeting Fury is Cork's Cuban Mike Perez (16-0), who hasn't fought since winning Prizefighter in May.

According to Fury's camp, Perez was offered a bout at the King's Hall but turned it down in favour of a bout that didn't materialise.

When Perez learned he was being discussed by Fury in public he went ballistic.

"Why would I not want that fight?" says Perez. "It's easy money and a chance to make a lot of people happy by knocking him out and shutting his big mouth."

Addressing Fury directly, Perez says: "Put you money where your mouth is and make a real offer this time."