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Outdoors hit high standard as 10 archers earn promotion

A TOTAL of 10 young archers won promotion at a high-standard Schools Outdoor Archery Championships hosted by St Columba's College in Dublin last weekend.

Helping was the perfect weather in the early part of the competition, which meant the qualification mark of 220 from 30 arrows was a matter of concentration and discipline and not pure chance.

Later in the day, a gusty head wind caused delays and scores dropped.

Top score of the day was a 680 from Jean Salvador of Oatlands who was competing in the 20m class and moves up to 30m the next time he shoots outdoors. At the other end of the scale, Ross Murphy from Oatlands led the group shooting at 50m. His score of 663 put him comfortably clear of his Oatlands school-mate Carl McCaffrey, who was shooting at 50m for the first time.

McCaffrey's score of 641 means that he will join Murphy in the 60m class next time he shoots.

Results – 50m: 1 R Murphy (Oatlands) 663 (q), 2 C McCaffrey (Oatlands) 641 (q), 3 M Bryer (GC de híde) 577 (q). 40m: 1 D McKenna (St Michael's) 586, 2 A Wilson (Oatlands) 547, 3 N Lawlor (St Michael's) 487. 30m: 1 C ó Feinneadha (Oatlands) 671, 2 N O'Brien (St Brendan's) 659, 3 E Margot (St Columba's) 594. 20m: 1 J Salvador (Oatlands) 680 (q), 2 E Prunty (St Brendan's) 66 (q), 3 I Belloa (St Columba's) 642 (q), 4 O large (St Columba's 638 (q). Hot shot – Senior: A Kennedy (St Brendan's). Junior: N O'Brien (St Brendan's). National Champions – Boys: Ross Murphy. Girls: Megan Bryer. Team: Oatlands.