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O'Keeffe king of Ballymun

ATHLETICS: Despite the rain and the cold, a group of enthusiastic students turned out for the annual Trinity Comprehensive Schools triathlon organised in Ballymun, writes Lindie Naughton.

First up was the two-mile cycle around the back roads of the suburb, with the sixth year students leading the pack.

They were followed by the 3rd and 4th years and finally the 1st and 2nd years.

After finishing the cycle and handing over their bikes to their race "buddies", the budding triathletes headed for the warmth of the Ballymun Swimming Pool where they swam 200 metres -- eight lengths of the pool.

No sooner was that completed than it was back into the wind and the rain for a two-mile run. Coming home first of the sixth years was Shane O'Keeffe, with Kane Maxwell in second place. Carl Kealy was first in the 3rd and 4th year category. Best of the teams was the combination of Andrew Walsh, Dale Rooney and Eric Swan.

Star of the day was Jamie Kavanagh, best of the 1st year students and third overall after a good cycle, a strong swim and a determined run.

Second in this age group was Robert Proudfoot, with Adam Brown a fighting third. Of the girls, Chloe Staunton was first and Caroline Sheridan second.