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O'Connor bids fond farewell

SHE'S long been the First Lady of Moycullen. Central Station has bid a fond farewell to Sinéad O'Connor.

The Galway girl has gone home to the Corrib. Camogie sends their every blessing.

Especially all her pals at Portobello. Sinéad served the club well, despite the call of high office.

Even on the busiest days, she'd be there for training and matches. Part of the furniture in the Portobello defence.

At the club, they said she was the Port in many a storm. She snuffed out many a dangerous attack with a classical piece of timing.

Like all the best players, Sinéad always seemed to have time on the sliotar, no matter how heavy the traffic.

And in the little scrums for possession, she rarely left with an empty purse. She could read the play so well.

She brought that determination to her career, a leading accountant and then joining the Camogie Association as Finance and Sponsorship Manager.

She got the top gig in 2008, taking over from another iconic figure, Sheila Wallace of Dublin.

Sinéad settled well to the task of Director-General. She met with Presidents, people of state and the vast camogie volunteer army, and she greeted them all with the same easy grace that is so revered back in the village.

She brought a keen work ethic to the office, gently easing the sport through the changing chapters.

Moycullen had the Welcome Home banners out, but Dublin shed a tear.

HQ will miss her. But she has left the sliotar bouncing higher than ever.