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New' Academy clicks into gear

Anybody who knows John Malone of Newbridge CC realises that he has a deep love of the sport.

The future of any club or organisation is always based on its youth membership and as part of a new initiative to introduce children to cycling, the Newbridge Club, with Mr Malone heavily involved, has recently formed the Conway-Baxter Cycling Academy.

The academy is open to children six to 16 years of age. The aim is to teach children bike handling skills, road safety and discipline in a safe environment.

When they have achieved a certificate in the skills, they are then allowed on the road under supervision.

All cycling is carried out in a fun environment. Those who graduate then have the choice to develop further into other cycling disciplines, such as mountain biking.

It has been on the go since last May and the intention is that it will be an all-year round concept.

The academy has also opened up an adult leisure section and meets at Lumville House at 10.0 on Sundays.

To celebrate the success to date, at least 50 children plus guardians are spending this weekend in Killarney with a visit to the Gap of Dunloe, where Mr Malone has laid a special treat for the participants. For further info on the academy, Mr Malone can be contacted at johnmalone817@yahoo.co.uk.