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napoli fans cry foul at referees

Paranoid delusions of referees conspiring against them have infuriated Napoli fans so much that they protested at the game against Inter Milan over the weekend.

Fuelling their fear was the recent match against Udinese where they lost 3-1 thanks to an Antonio Di Natale hat-trick that began with a ball that had gone out of play and also included midfielder Cristiano Maggio getting sent off for a non-dive.

Though Maggio did get slight retribution by shoving the referee on his way off the pitch, Napoli fans felt more action was necessary and they distributed images of Pierluigi Collina which they held up during Sunday's match against Inter.

Famed former referee and current chief referee designator in Italy, Collina is considered a symbol of the high water mark of refereeing. And having a cold-eyed gaze that seems as if it is peering directly into your very soul also helps.