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Murdered NBA star's ex-wife 'made threats against him'

Wendy Wilson, the former personal assistant for the late Lorenzen Wright, says she has audio recordings of Wright's ex-wife Sherra making threats against the former NBA star.

Wilson says Sherra shouted that she would harm him if he took up with another woman.

"I have the evidence that she said these things and she knows it," said Wilson, who called Sherra Wright "unstable".

Police in Memphis are investigating the murder of Wright last week and they have searched the home of his ex-wife. Her lawyer said it was a formality.

"They're trying to find answers, and that would be one of the logical things to do, to search any premises where Lorenzen was last known to be," Coleman Garrett said.

Sherra Wright's divorce lawyer Gail Mathes said the NBA player had not paid $26,000 in alimony and child support since last November.

"I just feel like Sherra Wright is being placed in a bad light," Mathes told a Memphis TV station. "She does not deserve it all. She's been an incredible mother and woman. And she's done her best to shield her children from financial difficulties."