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Monaco manoeuvre still divides Schumacher and Alonso

ahead of this weekend's Turkish Grand Prix in Istanbul, Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso still cannot agree on what occurred between them in Monaco.

The bitter rivals defiantly remain at odds over the incident at the final corner of the last lap, which culminated in Schumacher being demoted from sixth to 12th and out of the points after he was handed a 20-second time penalty by stewards for passing Alonso after the safety car had peeled into the pits following an accident involving Lotus's Jarno Trulli and Karun Chandhok of Hispania Racing.

The manoeuvre was made after the first safety car line, as FIA rules allow, while there also were green lights and flags on view indicating racing could resume.

However, a discrepancy under review by the FIA also states that if a race finishes under safety car conditions then the field shall hold position across the finishing line.

Asked if he had no doubt at the time he was going to attempt a move on Alonso, Schumacher said: "I was obviously told by the team (to pass). I checked everything I could and to be prepared for that particular manoeuvre, so yes."

Questioned as to whether Schumacher's penalty was the right one, Alonso succinctly said "yes". Pressed for an explanation why, Alonso replied: "Because it's in the rules. When the safety car is on the last lap it's not possible to overtake."