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McDowell glory great for short game

AT the Sport HQ, the pitch and putt folk were praising the success of Graeme McDowell.

His victory in the US Open earned generous helpings of publicity for the gentle craft.

Growing up in Portrush, Graeme spent many hours perfecting the art of the short game before graduating to the big stuff at Rathmore Golf Club.

"From Pitch and Putt to US Open Champion," ran the headlines. Now PPUI officials are hoping for a favourable echo.

The summer months are when the magnet of pitch and putt is at its strongest, especially when the weather is favourable. It's the time of the year when the game has the best chance of all of attracting young people into the sport.

The reasonable cost is among its major assets. A little fee, a couple of clubs, a bag of balls and tees and you are away.

The Dublin Pitch and Putt website has a contact icon on the left of the home page for people who want to find out more -- www.dublinpitchandputt.com. Or you can email the good people at the PPUI head office -- office@ppui.ie Or ring 6251110.

When he was a child, Graeme had his dad, Kenny, pestered with the ongoing request to bring him to the pitch and putt course.

That's the music the game's legislators want to hear more of.