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Mangan in it for long run

For most people, completing the Lifestyle Sport adidas Dublin Marathon on October 25 is the end of a journey.

For ultra runner Tony Mangan it will only be the start.

Mangan has always been a nomad, cycling the world as a young man and then spending many years in the USA, where he developed a taste for long runs on remote trails.

While on those runs, he would dream one day of running the world.

Now after some 20 years of dreaming, that time has come.

"I was very close to starting off three years ago but then broke the indoor world 48-hour record in Brno, so I had to give racing another couple of years. Now the time is perfect," says Mangan.

He hopes to start and finish at the same spot -- on Merrion Square North at the finish line of the Dublin marathon.

"D-Day for the start of my run around the world will be on October 25 at the finish line of the Dublin marathon on Merrion Square North. I hope to finish there three years later at the 2013 Dublin marathon."

The world run will cover more than 40,000km. "I plan to run unsupported pushing my gear in a jogging stroller. I have not counted the exact kilometres -- scary! -- because I know routes can change. All part of the fun."

Running on his own will present all sorts of challenges. To keep in touch with family and friends back home, Tony will keep a detailed log, with his every step tracked on a special website.

"The plan is to build up to a marathon a day for the entire three years. I plan on taking a couple of two-week time-outs and the first one begins on July 21 -- I've already got my ticket for the U2 concert in the Meadowlands on July 20!"

The first stage of the run will take him from Dublin to Dunquin in Co Kerry before he heads west to Newfoundland.

"I look forward to Irish runners joining me on the road to Dunquin," he said. "This 360km section will take me about 10 or 11 days and I would like to put out a call for anyone along my Irish route that could put me up for the night."

Details and proposed route map at www.theworldjog.com; see also www.tonymangan.com.