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Manchester lifestyle not for Balotelli

IT'S been a bad week for Manchester City's expensive striker Mario Balotelli after he revealed he is unimpressed with the lifestyle in Manchester while getting the elbow from 'girlfriend' Melissa Castagnoli.

The forward is in Italy for rehabilitation after knee surgery that will keep him out for six weeks.

"I am happy with my decision to move, but I came to Manchester to play," said the Italian. "If I was looking for the nicest house in the world, I wouldn't have come to England."

On his regrets, the 20-year-old added: "I would not do three things if I had my time over. I wouldn't throw the Inter shirt to the ground, I would never again bite back at the fans, nor would I spend time with silly girls who just want to use me for publicity.

"I prefer to be alone than with such brainless people. Evidently I must be stupid as well, as I keep on finding these girls..."

Balotelli had a misadventure this week when 'girlfriend' Melissa Castagnoli announced she was dumping him live on television.

"She was never my girlfriend. Everyone tries to use me for publicity so they can be in the newspapers. I have a girlfriend who I care about very much, but I will never tell you her name."

Thurston says sorry to fans

Australian rugby league star Johnathan Thurston has apologized to fans after his arrest in downtown Brisbane.

Thurston will appear in court on October 6 charged with public nuisance.

The 27-year-old Kangaroos star spoke briefly on Thursday before flying home to Townsville in Queensland state after his release from the Brisbane police watchhouse. He said he regretted his actions, adding, "I shouldn't have put myself in that position."

Thurston was reportedly ejected from Brisbane's Treasury Casino about 3.40am on Thursday morning for annoying other patrons. He was arrested after playfully wrestling with another man and failing to obey police instructions.