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Man on way to winning sexiest girl competition

In honour of March Madness, the US college basketball knockout tournament that is the NCAA Men's Division I Championship, the noted female admirers at American Esquire have seeded their own 64-chick bracket for readers to vote on the Sexiest Woman Alive.

Like its real sporting counterpart, the first round includes its share of head-exploding showdowns and mismatched blowouts. But there is something amiss in one of the match-ups in the sporting bracket.

Female golfer Natalie Gublis is up against Lane Kiffin, an American football coach -- and a man.

This little joke on the part of Esquire could backfire on the mag, as controversial coach Kiffin is way ahead in the vote stakes for his first round against Gublis.

An internet campaign has already been started to get Kiffin to be voted as the first man to be named Sexiest Woman Alive. It's a tag he may become proud of, if he wins, because America loves winners.