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Lord seeks changes to 2012 drugs powers

The head of Britain's Olympic body is proposing a new law that would allow police to search the athletes' village for performance-enhancing drugs at the 2012 London Games.

Colin Moynihan, chairman of the British Olympic Association, said he plans to submit a draft bill in the House of Lords to give police extra powers to clamp down on doping in 2012.

Moynihan, who sits in the House of Lords as a Conservative, wants to bring Britain in line with other countries.

"If someone was blood doping at the Olympic Village in 2012, they (police) would have the right under law to search the premises under a warrant," Moynihan said. "If athletes know that could happen, we are going to deter people from cheating and doing themselves harm. It is important that it should be on the statute book."

At present authorities only have powers to search for prohibited drugs, such as heroin, not performance-enhancing ones.