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Larkin hits the shot of the day for Scratch Cup success at Shandon

THE shot of the day. Maybe even the shot of the year. It helped Jason Larkin of Erin's Isle win the first-ever Dublin Scratch Cup at Shandon.

It happened two from home. Jason's tee shot on the 17th didn't obey orders. "Judging by the difficult lie, people felt Jason would do very well to escape with a par," said Dublin PRO, Keith Redmond.

"Yet Jason struck a shot low and hard into the side of the green and, at full pace, it hit the flag and dropped in. It was an outstanding birdie and it was greeted by huge applause."

Jason was two ahead going to the last.

"He made a magnificent pitch and rolled in the putt from 12 feet. He finished in the style of a true champion," added Keith.

Jason lifted the trophy that's named in honour of one of the gents of the sport, John Smith, who presented the prize.

It proved a memorable occasion. Dublin officials were delighted with the maiden voyage. "Ninty-three clubs took part," revealed Keith. "We'd like to thank Shandon for being such good hosts and all those that supported the event."