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Lance Armstrong fined $10m for drugs lies





Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong and sports management company Tailwind Sports have been ordered to pay $10m (€8.78m) in a fraud dispute with a promotions firm.

Dallas-based SCA Promotions announced the 2-1 arbitration panel ruling against the former cyclist when it asked a Texas state court to confirm the decision.

SCA paid Armstrong about €10.5m in bonuses during his career, when he won seven Tour de France titles.


Those victories were stripped away after Armstrong and his US Postal Service teams were found to have used performance-enhancing drugs.

SCA disputed bonuses in arbitration in 2005, and the case produced the foundation of the doping evidence that was used against Armstrong. After Armstrong's cheating was exposed, SCA sued to get its money back.

Bob Hamman, SCA's president and founder, praised the ruling.

"It is hard to describe how much harm Lance Armstrong's web of lies caused SCA, but this is a good first start toward repairing that damage," Hamman said.

Armstrong argued his original settlement could not be overturned under state law. The arbitration majority said the €8.78m was a penalty for Armstrong's lying and efforts to intimidate or coerce witnesses in the previous case.

Armstrong's lawyer, Tim Herman, declined to comment. Armstrong also is being sued by his former teammate Floyd Landis in a whistle-blower fraud action over his team's sponsorship contract with the Postal Service.