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'Knock's Brown and Kearney earn league titles

Wins at the final round of the League in Malahide Castle gave Molly Brown and Luke Kearney, both from Castleknock Community College, overall victory in their categories.

Brown raced around the 2.2km course set out for first-year students in just 12 mins 14 secs.

In the transition boys' 5.6km, Kearney was six minutes clear. For second place, Aaron Kelly just beat his St Kilian's Bray team-mate Jesse Lopez. Another clear winner was Alex Byrne of St Kilian's on the fifth/sixth years' 5.7km course. Mark Nangle, part of a large squad from Wilson's Hospital, was second with Derek Kosowicki from Youthreach third.

Winner of the girls' fifth/sixth year 3.3km by less than a minute was Sarah Bermingham of St Kilian's, who beat Ella Thomas of Wilson's Hospital. Longest girls' course of the day was the 3.7km run by the TY girls; this was won by Arianna Harris of Wilson's.

In the second/third year boys' 4.2km, Ruairi Long beat his Rockbrook school mate Gavin Dooley by 16 seconds. The result confirmed Long as league champion, ahead of Dooley.

Results: Girls – 5th/6th Yr 3.3km: 1 S Bermingham (St Kilian's Bray) 24:29; 2 E Thomas (Wilson's Hospital) 25:05; 3 D Saulyte (St Kilian's) 27:46. TY 3.7km: 1 A Harris (Wilson's Hospital) 21:09; 2 H Leonard (St Kilian's ) 22:51; 3 H Johnston (St Kilian's) 25:28. 2nd/3rd Yr 2.6km: 1 A Healy (Castleknock CC) 15:40; 2 R Armstrong (Castleknock CC) 20:18; 3 A Molloy (Castleknock CC) 22:30. 1st Yr 2.2km: 1 M Brown (Castleknock CC) 12:14; 2 I Cueto (St Kilian's ) 18:04; 3 A McGuinness (Castleknock CC) 20:45. Boys – 5th/6th Yr A 5.7km: 1 A Byrne (St Kilian's) 41:57; 2 M Nangle (Wilson's Hospital) 46:48; 3 D Kosowicki (Youthreach) 50:47. 5th/6th Yr B 3.3km: 1 Peter Grey 31:53; 2 T Reynolds 32:40; 3 M Harrison (all Youthreach) 34:51. TY 5.6km: 1 L Kearney (Castleknock CC) 39:53; 2 A Kelly (St Kilian's) 45:52; 3 J Lopez II (St Kilian's) 46:18. 2nd/3rd Yr 4.2km: 1 R Long 26:34; 2 G Dooley 26:50; 3 M O Súilleabháin (all Rockbrook) 27:37. 1st Yr 3.1km: 1 J Quinless 18:28; 2 V Makarevitch 23:18; 3 D Barzu (all Rockbrook) 23:34.