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Kings of the ring: Ali and frazier's three brutal bouts

The first meeting of Ali and Frazier, at Madison Square Garden, New York, was the most momentous event since man walked on the moon. 'The Fight of the Century' saw the Philadelphian, 26, win the contest with a unanimous points decision. Ali, 31, was knocked down in the 15th round.

January 28, 1974

The rematch, 'Ali-Frazier II', also took place at Madison Square Garden. It was a fight-off to meet George Foreman, the incumbent champion. Frazier was less dynamic, and Ali won by unanimous decision after 15 rounds. Ali went on to beat Foreman in 'The Rumble in the Jungle', in Zaire.

October 1, 1975

The 'Thriller in Manila' took place in Quezon City, a suburb of the Philippine capital, and produced one of the most exciting and brutal bouts in history. Trainer Eddie Futch pulled Frazier out before the start of the final round. Fighting blind, Frazier wanted to fight on, telling Futch: "I want him boss." Ali described his experience as "near to death" and was about to quit before Futch threw in the towel.