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Keeper in kidnap and killing storm

THE goalkeeper for Brazil's most popular football team refuses to submit to DNA tests in connection with his ex-mistress's disappearance and alleged murder, police said last week.

Flamengo keeper Bruno Souza, handcuffed and wearing a red prison uniform, was taken from a prison in the central city of Belo Horizonte to a police investigative unit's headquarters for the sample taking.

He and two other suspects in the disappearance and possible murder of 25-year-old Eliza Samudio refused to co-operate. Police inspector Edson Moreira said that, "the lawyers told the suspects not to give us any material, and they were not legally forced to do so".

The other two suspects are Luiz Henrique Romao, a friend of Souza, and Luiz Aparecido Santos, a former police detective who, according to Moreira, strangled Samudio to death last month. Samudio has been missing since early June. Police now say she was kidnapped in Rio de Janeiro, driven to Belo Horizonte and killed at a suburban house. Her body has yet to be found.

Moreira said Souza was at the house when Samudio was allegedly killed. Samudio had been trying to legally prove that Souza was the father of her four-month-old son.

The 25-year-old goalkeeper, who is married and has two kids, has denied the allegations and was even reported to have said that his "chance of playing for Brazil in the 2014 World Cup" is not over.

However, Bruno has acknowledged that he had met the model, an ex-porn actress, at an event in 2009 where they had had sex. "It was an orgy. These parties are common in our circle. I was with her, everyone was with her," said Bruno to a Brazilian magazine weeks before he was arrested.

The wife of the goalkeeper has also been arrested for attempting to cover up a crime after Ms Samudio's four-month-old baby was found with a friend of hers. Brazilian authorities had been tipped off after an anonymous phone call, believed to have been from the Souza's 17-year-old cousin, who lives with him, which accused the footballer of the crime.

Souza and Romao were flown from Rio de Janeiro to Belo Horizonte late last Thursday, where the investigation is now centred. Authorities have resumed the search for Samudio's body at a house owned by Souza and another one rented by her alleged killer.

Homicide detective Wagner Pinto said last week that even if the body isn't found, police have enough evidence to charge the suspects with kidnapping, assassination and hiding of a body. Police say they have known of Souza's alleged reputation for violence ever since Samudio formally complained about her lover last October. She accused the 6ft 4in keeper of forcing her to drink a cocktail of drugs that she said was meant to cause her to abort her child.