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JR sure he has form to beat rivals

THE Loughlinstown Lion, JR Crangle, wants to keep the Leinster Matchplay Championship trophy on his sideboard.

He won the crown at Seapoint last year and he'll be defending it at Collinstown at the end of the month.

"I feel I'm coming into form at just the right time. I am still very hungry for success and that's the mindset I'll be bringing to the tournament," declares JR.

He admits it won't be easy to bring the prize back to the N11. "This year's field is arguably stronger than last year, so in reality anybody can win it.

"The 32 players are there on merit. I don't think the draw matters all that much. But I think some big names could go out in the first round."

It's fitting that the competition is heading to the pretty Westmeath venue. It's the first major event there in quite a while.

The Collinstown crew have done marvellous work over the years. They have constantly upgraded their course, and it's a favourite among the players.

The clubhouse is also first-class and the club's website is among the very best in the sport.

How the Collinstown legend, the late Joe Bray, would have enjoyed the big names coming to his favourite garden. He gave the club so much.