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Joe Bray -- a true legend of Collinstown and the game

THE Joe Bray Seat takes pride of place at Collinstown. PPUI president Frank Smith unveiled it last year.

Joe gave magnificent service to the club. He wore all the hats -- chairman, vice-chairman, captain, president, juvenile officer, coaching officer. Plus another million tasks.

He also served as the green keeper. What a splendid job he did. The lovely clubhouse that now stands in Collinstown owes much to his prompting.

Joe's family were steeped in the sport. His wife, Kathleen, his sons and daughters all played for Westmeath.

Joe was a top player himself. He was also a first-class manager of the Westmeath teams.

He didn't only attend to the needs of his own clubs. He rolled up the sleeves at many a course outside of Westmeath.

His presence lit up so many venues. And he had such a kind, appealing way about him.

Those that rest a while on the Joe Bray Seat will have much to remember and cherish.

His death brought back a waterfall of memories. And they will live on through the coming decades.

If sport, indeed life, had more people like Joe Bray, what a wonderful world it would be.