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Jenson’s ready to follow Lewis’ lead

JENSON BUTTON is ready to follow team-mate Lewis Hamilton’s lead in a bid to solve his current on-track crisis.

Button heads into Sunday’s European Grand Prix in Valencia hoping to bring an end to his woes after collecting just two points from the last four races.

Following the last race in Canada 11 days ago the McLaren driver was bereft of ideas as to where it had all gone wrong, admitting to feeling “confused and very lost”.

Trailing Montreal winner Hamilton by 43 points, it is now a case of back to the drawing board for Button.

The 32-year-old said: “I guess the first thing you do is set up the car like the other car, and that’s what we’ll do initially.

“There will be settings that Lewis prefers more than anybody else does because that’s how he sets it up.

“I won’t be as quick as him on those settings, but then we can work from there and find a set-up that works for me.”

For now, Button can only draw on the positives, appreciating it was just three months ago he triumphed in the season-opener in Australia.

“I’ve won a race this year, won many races before and that’s where I feel I should be,” added Button.

“You do have bad races, so it becomes about pulling together and working out the reasons, and we will.

“We will understand because this is a great team which has won many races and world championships, and we’ve won many great races together, so we will work out what the issue is.

“I will solve the issues – or we will solve the issues together.”