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Irish Junior leader Stuart looks to be made of Wright stuff for a pro career

NO MATTER where you are in the country, cycling and football are the talking point at the moment!

Certainly, the participants in the Junior Tour of Ireland, which is taking place in Co Mayo, will turn their attention to the Tour de France after they have finished their exertions for the day.

They are aware that a number of participants in the Tour made their debut in stage racing in the JT many years ago.

Whilst Mark Cavendish may not have won the event, he still has a great following. Then there is Ireland's Nicolas Roche, who won it in 2001.

To a man, they all have ambitions to make the grade in the professional ranks. But, as they say, many are called but few are chosen. The current leader of the JT has those ambitions.

Stuart Wright, from New Brunswick in Canada, rides with the Boston-based Hot Tubes outfit, who are regarded as one of the premier teams in the USA.

"I have ambitions to be a professional," said Wright. "But in the States, there is a gradual progression and I hope to get into one of the top clubs to progress up the ladder."

He certainly has the right attitude and could be one to put in the notebook.

The JT finishes tomorrow and the odds are stacking up in favour of the Hot Tubes juniors who only flew into Ireland on Tuesday morning and, despite the jet lag, are soaking up the wins.