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Irish camp place to be as team gets focused


Katie Taylor. Photo: Sportsfile

Katie Taylor. Photo: Sportsfile

Katie Taylor. Photo: Sportsfile

The atmosphere in Ireland's Olympic camp team is positive as focus is sharpening on getting down to business for some of our hopefuls in just a few days.

The 2016 Olympic Games get underway this Saturday with the Irish rowers, cyclists and hockey team among those in action in the first few days. Chef de Mission Kevin Kilty admits that even though a competitive mindset is taking hold among the athletes the mood is still light within Team Ireland.

Chef de Mission Kilty said: "Tuesday was a busy day, we had swimming coming down from Uberlandia where they had their training camp.

"We had Dan Martin in yesterday, we having Katie Taylor coming in today with Oliver Dingley from diving, so it's really ramping up.

"They're getting really focused and that stare is coming into them but this is a good place to do that. It's a very friendly atmosphere, athletes are very supporting and when you need space you have it."

Kilty believes that the OCI have put everything in place to help the athletes perform to their and praised the set-up within the athlete's village, which had been a cause for concern in the build-up to the games. "We have plenty of facilities in here to help athletes go from training to pre-competiton and finally to competition.

Team Ireland's base is one of the landmarks in the village, with the building festooned with Irish flags. "It's been commented upon by a lot of other people who have asked: 'How did you guys actually do that?'" said Kilty.