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India suspends Kabaddi dopes

India has suspended 13 Kabaddi players for doping and ordered more tests on others just days ahead of a tournament being dubbed the World Kabaddi Cup.

The tests were conducted this month by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in India's western state of Punjab.

Players from 10 countries, including England, the US, Spain, Italy and Norway would participate in the tournament.

The nine-day tournament, which gets under way on Saturday, was organised by the government of Punjab and the IKF was helping them put the event together.

"The suspended players do not belong to the national team and they are mostly locals put together from different districts of Punjab," said International Kabaddi Federation (IKF) President JS Gehlot, speaking from the western city of Jaipur, headquarters of the federation.

"I will not be surprised if more players test positive as this case highlights the difficulties of keeping a tab on everyone in such a vast country," he added.

In kabaddi, players from each side take turns sending a 'raider' to the other team's half, where the objective is to tag members of the opposite team before returning to their own half.