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Hot-shot Bodnariu is spot on in shoot

CLAUDIU BODNARIU of Oatlands produced the highest score of the day at the third Leinster schools' outdoor shoot hosted by St Columba's College in Dublin.

Shooting at a target 20m distant, Bodnariu put together a score of 671 out of a possible 900, won promotion to the 30m group and also took the junior hot-shot title at the end of the day's competition.

Also winning promotion to the 30m group with a score of 230 out of a possible 300 from 10 arrows was Luke Kilmartin, one of nine Oatlands archers.

On a day dominated by the Stillorgan school, Carl McCaffrey shot 622 to win the 40m class. McCaffrey shoots in the 50m class at Sunday's Leinster Championship in St Michael's Donnybrook.

For the first time, girls took the top three places in a low-scoring 50m class, with all three struggling with technique as well as the challenge of shooting a target 50m away.



Best of them was Megan Bryers of Gael Coláiste de híde with a score of 597, followed by indoor champion Julianna Huggard of St Columba's on 514 and the promising Rachel Foley of Loreto Balbriggan on 484.

Collecting another medal for Oatlands in the 30m group was Cillian ó Feinneadha, who held his nerve to score 579, beating schoolmate Rory Pluck and winning promotion to the 40m group. Completing an Oatlands clean sweep in this class was Adam Kelly.

Oatlands, with three wins, took the team title.

A week earlier, wind and rain had forced the second outdoor shoot of the season indoors at St Columba's. Winner of the 50m class was Megan Bryer, with Ross Murphy of Oatlands second and Carl McCaffrey shooting 485 to win at 30m.

Leinster Schools Archery Outdoor Shoot – St Columba's College, Whitechurch

50m: 1 Megan Bryer 597, 2 Julianna Huggard (St Columba's) 514, 3 Rachel Foley 484.

40m: 1 Carl McCaffrey (Oatlands) 622, 2 Liam Lawlor (St Michael's) 547, 3 Aidan Wilson (Oatlands) 495.

30m: 1 Cillian ó Feinneadha (Oatlands) 579, 2 Rory Pluck (Oatlands) 543, 3 Adam Kelly (Oatlands) 473.

20m: 1 Claudiu Bodnariu (Oatlands) 671, 2 Efueko Belloa (St Columba's) 610, 3 Luke Kilmartin (Oatlands) 603.

Hot shot – Senior: Aidan Wilson (Oatlands). Junior: Claudiu Bodnariu (Oatlands).