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Holmes steeling himself against lawsuit

A police report released yesterday revealed that the woman accusing Steelers wide-receiver Santonio Holmes (pictured) of assault was rubbing the face of the former Super Bowl MVP after she alleged he threw a glass full of liquor in her face on March 7.

Anshonae Mills filed suit against Holmes alleging that he threw the glass at her and cut her face at an Orlando nightclub. Holmes, who has not been charged in connection with the alleged incident, says he "didn't do anything".

In the police report, cops said Holmes claimed that Mills started an argument with him over a seat in the VIP area of the club. In the suit, Mills asserted Holmes told her to "get up" from the seat.

Holmes also told police that Mills had used a racial name against him.

Police said they saw Mills and Holmes speaking in a friendly manner after the alleged incident. Cops "observed Mills smiling and rubbing Holmes (sic) face just moments after walking off together."

Mills then told police they had settled their disagreement. Her statement to police: "A drink was thrown in my face. I was hurt ... bleeding but I refuse to prosecute the perpetrators for the incident."

Earlier yesterday, Steelers president Art Rooney II expressed his "disappointment" that Holmes had been accused of the assault.

It was the second major controversy for the Steelers this month, after quarter-back Ben Roethlisberger came under investigation for an alleged sexual assault in Georgia.

In the lawsuit filed last week, Mills claims that Holmes grabbed her face and threw the glass at her because she was sitting on a couch in the Rain Night Club's VIP section on March 7.

The lawsuit says the glass hit Mills on the right side of the face, cutting her near the eye.

The four-page document also claims Holmes and a police officer intimidated Mills so she wouldn't press charges and that Holmes offered to pay Mills because he was an NFL star and couldn't afford to get into trouble.