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He's behind you! No escape for the Glazers

With Old Trafford increasingly becoming a sea of green and gold as the symbolic, but ineffectual protest against Manchester United's American owners gains popularity, the Glazers themselves are finding it hard to avoid the growing number of people who want them gone.

The scarves, which are green and gold to represent Newton Heath, the club from which Man United was born in 1902, are now ubiquitous at the Manchester United ground (even David Beckham wore one when he returned to Old Trafford for Milan's recent Champions League defeat).

During United's 2-1 win over Liverpool on Sunday, Avram Glazer (centre, wearing glasses) had one of those scarf-wearers right behind him in the stands.

But, of course, the wealthy American was oblivious to the 'Love United, Hate Glazer' neckwear.

However, any United staff found wearing the offending articles are given their marching orders, as one of their catering staff found out after donning one of the scarves on the same night as Beckham. Jerry Vyse, 21, refused to take off the scarf when asked by his supervisor to do so and lost his job as a result.