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Grand Prix in New Jersey as F1 returns to US

The United States will host two Formula One races a year after New Jersey announced it will hold a grand prix from 2013.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie confirmed the news in a move which sees F1 relaunch itself in America, first with the US Grand Prix in Texas -- starting next year -- and then alongside this second event, which will be a road race, the year after.

"I'm pleased that New Jersey will play host to Formula One beginning (in) 2013, bringing one of the world's most popular and exciting sports right to our backyard," governor Christie said in a statement.

"The race will be a 3.2-mile road race, run on existing roads through Port Imperial and at the top of the Palisades in Weehawken and West New York.

"Up to 100,000 people are expected to attend each race, starting with practice Friday, qualifying on Saturday and racing on Sunday."

After many failed attempts to establish the sport in the country, F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has given the green light to have two GPs each year.

Several cities tried and failed to become the established home of F1 in the United States, with the race being run in New York, Detroit, Dallas, Phoenix and Las Vegas over the years.

Indianapolis staged the race eight times up until 2007 but irrevocable damage was caused to its reputation in 2005 when only six cars took part following a dispute over tyres.

Ecclestone has prided himself on taking the sport around the globe and now has two chances to tap into the lucrative American market.