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Gold bet is honoured by White House man

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs was a good sport as he modelled a Team Canada hockey jersey at his briefing, paying off a bet placed on the Olympic gold medal hockey game last month.

Gibbs joked his attire "does signal casual Friday" at the White House, before turning around to show his last name and the No39 on the back of the red and white jersey, which prominently features Canada's maple leaf.

To recap the wager: Gibbs said he'd wear a Canadian jersey to a news briefing if the Canadians won, and counterpart Dmitri Soudas, pressman to Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper, would wear the US jersey if they won.

Gibbs said he wanted to wear the No39 in honour of Ryan Miller, the US team goalie and Buffalo Sabres star, who was named the Most Valuable Player of the tournament.