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Gloves are off in Ballycahill!

As Matthew Macklin prepares in Marbella for his WBA world middleweight title bout with Gennady Golovkin, a rumble has been brewing in Tipperary, Macklin's mother's ancestral homeland.

Matthew's first cousin, Ciaran Carroll says the people of Ballycahill are fed up with erroneous reports that Matthew is from Ballingarry.

"It's nonsense," says Ciaran. "Matthew's people on his mother's side are all from Ballycahill. His grandfather Michael was one of four brothers and two sisters who emigrated to England from Ballycahill for work. Matthew's mother Kathleen is Michael's daughter. She married Seamus Macklin from Roscommon."

The confusion stems from Matthew playing hurling for Ballingarry. I've said before how Matthew explained he began playing there when he'd visit the Lyons' family – close friends of his father's.

Ciaran, who won a senior county medal in 1990 with Holy Cross-Ballycahill (combined parishes), is just back from Birmingham where he stayed with the Macklin family. "I lived with them in the 80s when I was working in England," recalls Ciaran. "When he was five or six, Matthew had a red punchball and gloves and would spend hours hammering it. He's definitely going to be a world champion."

There'll be bonfires blazing in Ballycahill that night for sure.