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Gardai beat PSNI at first Croke Park clash

MEMBERS of the Garda and the PSNI have played each other for the first time at Croke Park.

In one of the stadium's most significant fixtures, gardai came out on top, beating their Northern counterparts by 4-17 to 1-6.

Among those there to witness the historic occasion was Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan and PSNI chief constable Matt Baggott.

A handful of protesters gathered for the event but security was kept low-key throughout.

However, reports today show a photographer permitted to record the occasion was requested not to identify PSNI players for security reasons.

The PSNI has played the Garda Gaelic football team every year since 2002 but yesterday's match was the first at GAA headquarters.

Alliance Justice spokesman Stewart Dickinson said: "This initiative sends out a message of hope and co-operation. I want to praise both the PSNI and An Garda Siochana."